Accident d'avions

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Ajoutée par Livefun, le 03-08-2007

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Tags : accident extreme

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Because the data shows that lower credit score is an accarute predictor that there will be more claims, and those claims will also be more severe.Why do 16 year olds have more claims? Why do people with lower credit scores have more claims? No one has done a study, so no one knows why. The insurance industry doesn't CARE. The point is, the relationship exists, so it's fair. It's a gripe of mine, that people LIKE discrimination when it works in their favor (like, you don't have to pay the same life insurance rates as a guy who's 80, and you don't have to pay the same car insurance as a kid who's 16), and only complain about it when it works against them. Discrimination is FAIR, because it lumps like risks together. Otherwise, there would only be one rate, ya know? And I DON'T think you want to pay the same rate as that guy with five DUI's.

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celà montre le danger en espèrant que tous ses accident fassent réfléchir certaine personnes

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c'est nul

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j'ai 10 ans et j'adore

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je kiff

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jadore tons truce ses tros coule jais 8 ans

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cest vraiment Geant

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